Deans Message

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences offers students an exciting journey of experiential learning and discovery into the humanities and the social and behavioral sciences—the fundamental disciplines that underlie the production of contemporary knowledge.

We believe that an excellent education in the humanities and social sciences is the best preparation for life and work in a world of increasing diversity, globalization, and rapid change because it prepares our graduates to be informed critical thinkers, creative problem-solvers, and confident communicators. As Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, we are contributing to advancing knowledge, while also preparing the next generation of professionals, thinkers, and leaders.

Our faculty seeks to promote a positive and rewarding learning experience that encourages a broad understanding of individuals, different communities, their socio-economic systems, cultures, works of literature, and languages. Our goal is to encourage students to develop strong critical and analytical thinking, problem-solving and communication skills that will nourish their development as knowledgeable, engaged, confident, and ethical citizens and professionals. To this end, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences seeks to pursue both intellectual growth and professional development by promoting the values of excellence in education, scientific inquiry and expression, social responsibility, ethical behavior, appreciation of differences, lifelong learning, and a joy of learning about the world around us.

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences is not only dedicated to delivering high-quality education in humanities and social/ behavioral sciences with its degree programs, but it also provides the foundational education for every Atlas University student with a large range of university electives.  Double-major programs are pursued at the bachelor’s level in other fields within the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and with other faculties.

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at Atlas University hosts the following academic programs: Business Administration (English), English Language and Literature (English), Psychology (English), Psychology (Turkish), and Translation and Interpreting (English).


Prof. Gülşen Sayın