Psychology (Turkish,English)

Psychology is both a branch of science that enables us to understand human behavior through observation and research, and a field of application where human problems are solved. Therefore, one of the most important features of psychology is that science goes and progresses with practice.

Atlas University Department of Psychology Our aim is to introduce our students to the research and application areas of psychology and to prepare an environment where they can get to know and discuss people and their behaviors in many ways. From this point of view, the aim of our department is to train students with high reasoning skills who can use their knowledge in a meaningful way together with their thinking ability and who can approach human-related issues in a questioning way.

Atlas University Department of Psychology In the first year of the curriculum, there are basic courses such as "Introduction to Psychology", "Sociology", "Statistics" and "Physiology" along with the "Introduction to Psychology" course in which psychology is introduced comprehensively. In the second year, basic compulsory courses such as "Developmental Psychology", "Social Psychology", "Experimental Psychology"; In the third and fourth years, in addition to the compulsory department courses, there are elective courses related to different sub-fields of psychology and non-departmental elective courses. While determining our elective courses, our aim is to help our students master the field as much as possible when they are closer to graduation, and to help them determine which subfields of psychology they have more interest and abilities in.

psychology department our graduates; With the thinking skills and psychology knowledge they have acquired, they can work in private or public institutions such as kindergartens, kindergartens, juvenile courts, correctional facilities, prisons and detention centers, nursing homes, schools, hospitals, mental health centers, institutions for the physically or mentally handicapped, health centers, sports clubs. . Our graduates; they can also find employment opportunities in research companies, advertising sector, public relations, human resources and mass communication fields. In addition, those who have a master's or doctorate degree in a certain field can open a private business, if they wish, they can start academic life in universities.

In short, "Wherever people are, we are!"